Evinrude shuts down! BRP stops production of outboard motors

BRP announces the closure of Evinrude. The Canadian group stops the production of the two-stroke E-Tec and E-Tec G2 engines, to focus its nautical business in the boat sector, with some brands acquired in 2018 and 2019, and of the Sea-Doo jet skis . However, there is still a project on engines for the future.

The announcement was made tonight by BRP. The closure of Evinrude arrives unexpectedly like a bolt from the blue and distorts not only the internal dynamics of the company, with reorganizations and layoffs, but also those of the global network of service centers and dealers in the world, which among other things will be those who they will have to respond directly to customers’ concerns. But the Canadian group reassures:

Brp ensures that anyone who owns or has just purchased an Evinrude engine will still be assisted in the assistance and supply of spare parts, as well as in the warranty formulas signed“.

The Covid-19 pandemic gave the final blow to a brand that was already fatigued by the natural selection of the market, which is now increasingly oriented towards four-stroke engines, but also by the challenges that the outboard sector is facing. facing in the race for increasingly sophisticated technology.

“Our activity on outboard motors has been strongly influenced by Covid-19, forcing us to immediately stop the production of our outboard motors – said the president and CEO of Brp, José Boisjoli – This segment of activity had already faced some challenges and the The impact of the current context has forced us to force our hand up to this point. We will focus our efforts on new innovative technologies and on the development of our boats, where we continue to see great market potential “.

But the ace in the sleeve BRP keeps it to launch, in a time not better defined, a new generation of engines with very innovative technology, currently called Project Ghost, which has been under study for some time and which promises to amaze.

All this will also entail a reorganization of the production plants with movements of the production lines from one plant to another and with the definitive closure of some sites.

BRP is also the owner of the Johnson brand, another historic manufacturer of outboard motors, which it has always kept in the drawer in view of new business opportunities that the future could present. Unfortunately, the glorious Evinrude brand also ends up in the drawer, with all the hope that it will be able to reopen, if not under the aegis of BRP, perhaps from another industrial group.

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