Rcat 50 review

Features Inspection

The Flybridge:  Rcat 50 comes with the fully customizable option of a flybridge:  this adds an additional capacity for up to 20 people to mingle and make lasting memories.  Access to the flybridge is via stairs to the stern of the vessel which are conditioned to last. With double handrails it means everyone can safely climb and enjoy the view provided by this flybridge, join the party or find their own bit of uninterrupted sun.  The upper helm is at the bow of the vessel and is equipped with a minimalist feel but potentially can be customized to suit the needs of the owner. This area is full custom: that means the owner can selected whatever layout he likes:  a Starboard horseshoe-shaped sofa and lounge area means the whole party can have a seat and soak up the rays in comfort with up to 20 guests easily accommodated. The large sundeck means everyone can have space to stretch out on a lazy day and soak up rays or enjoy a drink with friends as the sun dips over the horizon.

Layout and Specs

Cockpit/Stern:   Rcat 50 stern leads straight off the saloon area with only a minor step down and has a sofa wrapping around a table, meaning inside fun and can spill out to the stern with no need to stop the flow of the conversation. With a large area customizing the vessel to include bar/galley type area and the seating providing a comfortable lounge or a comfortable socializing space for family and friends to interact. The deck area here is treated to be easy maintenance so after a hard night the deck is easily restored to a space for relaxing during the day.

The stern sitting area

The saloon.  Entering from the Stern into the saloon to the aft we can have  the galley area equipped with a four-ring convection hob, and single tub sink allowing for basic meal prep. It is also equipped with a full refrigerator. Alternative galley can be equipped in the outdoor for the owners who don’t want bad smells inside.Usually middle east owners prefer to have only the galley/bar outside.
Moving inside, both port and aft have rich seating areas, majlis style,  with the ability to customize the taste, enough to fit up to 15 people meaning everyone can enjoy time together without being uncomfortable.
With low maintenance floors made from special marine flooring, which has a wood effect, panels of fiberglass tissue, meaning they will last a long time without the hassle of maintenance, and the mood strip lighting,   this saloon is a special area for spending time with family and friends and with a range of shade options for the fabrics is easily customizable whether this be for the seating or the roof.

Salon view from the entrance door

The helm has a single person seat – again with the same luxury as the main saloon with the same customizable options as well – with a fixed backrest which provides a tv on the reverse for the main saloon: additional bigger tv can be equipped in different area. The wheel and the electronics spaced across three panels makes the cockpit feel like a relaxing space  and the enclosed nature makes the cockpit of this vessel, a chilled and controlled space with the feel of a contained area to allow the captain enjoyment like their guests.

Indoor Helm Station

Belowdecks. With 4 cabins below decks, 2 state rooms with queen size beds and 2 with double sized bunk beds meaning all your guests can get a good night’s sleep in comfort and privacy without having to worry.
The cabin areas, found via steps to the aft and port which are easily accessible, all boast their own En-site bathrooms complete with full toilets and shower accented by the teak finishes that add a touch of class even here. Multiple storage areas allow for easy luggage storage without compromise, both above the Queen beds and below all the beds and cupboard in each room meaning you never have to worry about losing space.

The bow entertainment area set up for a cosy afternoon together
  The Bow. The bow of the RCAT50 has an impressive deck that allows for social gatherings to be front and centre without a compromise on luxury. Easily able to accommodate seating with tables for up to 10 people, that allows for a relaxed evening on the deck watching the world go by or for an intimate evening and yet still versatile enough for a party space when needed. The easy access provided by the larger than average walkways means everyone can gain access to this extra space without hassle or compromise for anyone.

Designed for space. The RCAT50, whether you choose the standard or fly option, is designed  with the claim of being the most spacious boat in the 50ft class, it appears to be a claim it lives up to , whether this be in the Bow deck area for a friendly get together, spacious walkways that allow easy navigation from front  to rear as well as the stern seating area for a party in full swing further to this the comfortable and chilled out saloon and cabin areas; it is certainly providing the evidence for the claim.

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