Say goodbye to traditional Trim With New Zipwake

Technological innovation can be found all over modern boats, so it was inevitable that evolution reached trim tabs.

Zipwake’s Dynamic Trim Control System, the world’s first economical trim control system, incorporates a state of the art series of durable and fast-acting interceptors. This combination eliminates the well-known trim problems of planing and semi-planing boats between 20-60 feet. The system is fully automatic and significantly enhances performance, fuel economy, comfort and safety when accelerating, turning or running in a seaway. 

Traditional trim tabs installed near the edge of the stern hull chine are essentially flaps that are horizontally raised and lowered manually with an electro-hydraulic control. Zipwake features multiple “interceptors” mounted flush to the stern. Interceptor blades emerge from the bottom of the interceptors, lowering straight down about 1.2 inches to provide trim. Deployment takes just 1.5 seconds. The manufacturer claims the efficient new way of trimming a planing or semi-planing boat are five to 10 times faster than traditional trim tabs with one-fifth of the drag, meaning better fuel efficiency.

The whole system is regulated by a Smart Ridge Controller, mounted at the helm, with built-in GPS, gyro, and accelerometer. The brains of the system automatically set the blades for optimal trim.

Arguably the best feature of the system is automatic roll control. The interceptors, coupled with the Smart Ridge Controller and GPS, maintain the boat’s desired pitch and roll angles. At speed, when the gyro senses the boat is rolling, the system automatically deploys the correct interceptor to offset the motion.

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