Why boat clubs and Yacht shares could be the Best Way to Quarantine this season

With summer camps cancelled and vacations on hold, finding a safe slice of paradise can be as easy as joining a boat club.

With school closed many parents face the challenge of another three or more months of being homebound with their kids.

Summer camps have been cancelled, flying commercially is still iffy, and that annual trip to the beach or mountains might be postponed until next summer.

A growing number of families are finding that boats make the best Covid-19 release valves, since they simultaneously offer an escape to sea, a protective bubble and, in most cases, unscripted enjoyment. You don’t have to own a boat to enjoy the water. In fact, more people are deciding not to buy their own boats.

Alternatives to traditional ownership have become more common over the last few years, with diverse business models catering to different demographics. The boat club has been the least expensive way to access a boat or yacht, with many benefits that come with ownership. Club options range from offering small center consoles or real yachts for a few hours to landing on a deserted beach from a gentleman’s runabout, to fractional ownership of a superyacht for week-long escapes from civilization.

We have different boat clubs in UAE with different offers:

The captain Club

Xclusive boat club

Elite captains

Have a look to their websites if you want to know their offers.

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