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First Designer of Gulf Craft Interview: Massimo Gregori

From a small fiberglass company to the biggest yacht manufacturer in Middle East, Massimo Gregori is telling us everything we need to know about Gulf Craft’s success story.

Almost everybody in GCC knows about Gulf Craft but not everyone knows how they turned from a small fiberglass company to the biggest yacht manufacturer in Middle East.

For that reason, GCC Boating asked to Massimo Gregori, first Gulf Craft Yacht designer to give us some insights.

“It was 1983 when I first flew to the UAE to attend the Dubai Boat Show which took place at the World Trade Center, one of the few tall buildings in town at that time. I met a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, a former UAE Ambassador, who was running a family business, building boats with fiberglass. His name was and is Mohamed Bin Hussein Al Shaali and his Company was and is Gulf Craft. We designed a futuristic vessel: the Majesty 86’ which proved to be a market success. Since then we never lost contact
with H.E. Mohammed Al Shaali and his Company, which grew from an artisanal dimension to the huge shipyard of today. We, myself and my partners in Yankee Delta Studio, are proud to have been part of this growth: among other minor projects we have designed for Gulf Craft the Majesty 155’ and the naval architecture of the Majesty 175’. We are impressed by the
paramount standard of quality of Gulf Craft’s vessels which matches or maybe overtakes the best European standards”

Majesty 155
Majesty 86

You can know more about Massimo and his company Yankee Delta Studio here.