Rcat 38 king fisher tested in Abu Dhabi

The King Fisher  comes from the Emirate of Sharjah (the Rcatamaran  brand is part of Riviera Boat) and is an 11.6 meter sport fishing cat that has good cards to play in the Gulf and in the American market as well.  It is no coincidence that it favors the general tendency to particularly like outboard motors up to 4…

The first thing we liked when approaching Rcat 38 King Fisher  is the SPACE . And the reason is that mostly center console manufacturer prefer the speed over the space, but here speaking about a catamaran we are not forced to chose between them. The designer did not want to overdo, he preferred to align it with a more “reassuring” look, beautiful and classic at the same, combining the best that we are used to seeing, but still giving the boat specific traits of individuality that would make it recognizable. And this is not what could be expected from a manufacturer that is only now making its debut in the center console market that is very solid in GCC and US.

But the King Fisher is not only SPACE, because it can be equipped up to 4 engine of 300 HP,  for our test we used two  350 horsepower Suzuki outboards, which in the test brought this 11.6 meter cat  to 40 knots, but we can see the details of the test later. Meanwhile the boat …


This time Riviera Boat  has conceived and built a model with the expectations of the most mature and experienced owners in mind.

And going up on deck, the feeling does not fail: the design of the T-top is pleasant, the details are well done. The choice to have fish boxes of the same size has not convinced me, because some time during fishing session you need different boxes to store different size of fishes but the yard assured that the composition of the boxes can be customized. And the flooring (in this case Eva Foam) is made well and pleasant to the touch, but it is not equivalent to real wood, but this was the choice of the owner who selected it.

The Front Area looks so comfortable plenty of seats and storage, its the preferred location of that part of the family who enjoy the sun and the trip but not fishing.

The Cockpit is the most generous we can ever see in such kind of boat, and can be left free as it is or customized with additional features, but for fishing purpose is the best. We find a small counter on the back area equipped with sink and live bait, and the gunnels are fully equipped with tackle storage and other compartments.

The driver’s seat is captivating: the 3 sporty and wraparound seats are looking nice and comfortable optionally can be equipped  with Shockwave suspension supports, while the Steering wheel is  on the front carbon look console reminiscent of touring cars. The same seat module offer on the other side a sofa for 3 person other than storage and fridge.

The 2 Suzuki 350   provide 700 total horses, enough for the normal usage, but for people who love speed the builder provide up to 4 engine for a total of 1200 HP:  too many, in fact we preferred to test the twin-engine solution.

Visibility is excellent both standing and sitting, while the big windshield  protect enough at high speeds.

With 10 knots of wind and wave up to 1 meters, the conditions are perfect for a real test. And Rcat 38 King Fisher did not disappoint us. The planing (minimum at about 22 knots) occurs quickly and in a composed position, while the waves are really in all directions, do not lose the trajectory and do not cause annoying impacts, ever. The turning even if  is  that of a boat with outboard we are always on a catamaran, we can turn at max speed in completely safety: the boat will never be so much inclined and there will never be a propeller in cavitation.

The interior of the console host a full height bathroom plus a bed space that can be used by 2 person for overnight trips or just to take a nap during a fishing session.

The boat was tested in Abu Dhabi in company of Al Tayar Team. The condition of the test were: wind 10 knots, waves 80/100 cm, clean hull, Fuel 40% , Water 30% , 6 crews.


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