Black Friday Kayak deals: Our pick of the best bargains

One of the easiest ways to get out on the water is with an inflatable kayak. They’re stable, they’re easy to stow and they travel easily. We’ve scouted around for some of the best black Friday inflatable kayak deals so you don’t have to.

We’ve done the hard work finding these black Friday kayak deals for you, so all you have to do is decide which one suits you and your budget.

Growing in popularity over the past 10 years, the inflatable kayak provides a real opportunity for those with limited storage or transportation to get out on the water easily.

Kayaks can be used as an alternative to a traditional tender. They allow you to go exploring places where bigger boats can’t go and you can carry some luggage too. And family. And pets. And fishing gear. They’re versatile.

Inflatable Kayaks roll away into a carry bag that one person can carry relatively easily and they can be carried in the boot of a car, or on a bicycle trailer if that’s how you roll.

There’s inflatable kayaks for couples, inflatable kayaks for small families and inflatable kayaks for solo paddlers. Whether you paddle on rivers, canals, estuaries or the sea, there’s black Friday kayak deals for everyone.

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Black Friday Kayak Deals UK

Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Kit, 2 Person Kayak with 1 Double Paddle
Save 40% on this two person kayak, ideal for lakes, fishing and inshore waters; broad shape combines stability and comfort when out on the water. The inflatable tubes are held within durable fabric outer, making it more difficult to puncture and easy to repair if you do. The larger kayak is ideal for someone wanting to take their pets with them on adventures.
Easy to adjust/remove inflatable seats.
Kayak size inflated: 331 x 88 cm, weight: 14.7 kg, maximum load capacity: 200 kg; one aluminium paddle, foot pump, pressure gauge, fin, carry bag and boat repair kit are included
Was: £5299.99
Now: £319.99

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Föhn Adventure High Pressure Kayak, 1 Person
Save 30% off this dropstitch constructed single person kayak from Wiggle.
It comes with pump, paddle, repair kit and a decent shaped rucksack style carry bag,
Dimensions 352cm x 73cm, max load capacity 220kg and this inflatable kayak weights just 12.9kg
It has a removable fin for directional stability
Was: £699.99
Now: £489.99

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Sevylor Tahiti Plus Kayak – 2 + 1
Save nearly 50% off this budget friendly kayak for two adults and one child, ideal for lakes, fishing and calmer water.
It offers stability and comfort when out on the water, integrated spray deck at bow and stern. The seats are easy to adjust and remove.
This inflatable kayak comes with with a backpack style carry bag.
It has a PVC hull, two PVC side chambers and floor chamber.
Kayak size inflated: 361 x 90 cm, maximum load capacity: 200 kg; boat repair set included.
Was: £279.99
Now: £144.99

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AQUA MARINA BETTA 1 person inflatable kayak, complete package
There’s a saving of 26% in this single person budget friendly kayak from Decathlon.
It is light at 9kg and can take a payload of 110kg. It measures 312cm long x 80cm wide.
It has an adjustable seat with backrest and the basic essentials to get you out on the water for minimal cost.
Was: £269
Now: £199

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Sandbanks style Optimal single seater Kayak – Grey and Turquoise

We’ve heard lots of good things about the Sandbanks style Optimal from various Kayak social groups around the UK. So it’s good to see they have some deals this Black friday on their kayaks.
We found this deal via Ann’s Cottage in Cornwall.
This one is a single seater but they make this as a two seater and that also can be found in the deals section.
Drop-stitch construction throughout means it is incredibly stiff and gives a real positive paddling experience.
It comes with a wheelie rucksack with room to pack everything in.
It measures Length: 12’8’’ x Width: 32’’ and weighs in at 16kg
Max payload 159kg
Was: £749
Now: £599

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AQUA MARINA TOMAHAWK AIR-C Drop-Stitch inflatable canoe
This is a canoe not a kayak but hey we don’t like to discriminate and we love a bargain.
This is a fab drop stitched inflatable canoe from Decathlon.
This tomahawk inflatable canoe model offers great versatility on the water and could be used an an alternative tender.
The added bonus is you can carry two people and your dog and some shopping in this one. Or your camping gear. Or 3 friends can paddle out together.
yeah can you tell we love a canoe here on the tech team at Yachting World.
This is a pretty decent deal saving 36%
Size 478cm x 88cm, Max. Payload 260kg, Weight 24.7kg, Air Chambers 2+1+2, 2 Kayak fins
Was: £1019.00
Now: £649

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Black Friday Kayak Deals and accessories
There’s a load of kayak deals and accessories available through this link. If you’re looking for a kayak rack, some kayak launching wheels, a kayak seat or inflatable kayak pump, then have a snout around these black Friday bargains.

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Black Friday Kayak Deals US

Aquaglide Deschutes 130 Inflatable Kayak, 1 Person
This 13-foot open deck touring kayak Deschutes 130 weighs only 22 pounds and includes a duffle-style storage bag for carrying it around.
Quick release and adjustable seats, adjustable foot rests, quick release fin.
Max payload 400 lb (181 kg)  Sizes: 12’10” (391 cm) long x 375” (95 cm) wide
It comes with a pump and repair kit too.
Was: $779.99
Now: $639.00

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Aquaglide Navaro Convertible Inflatable Kayak with Drop-Stitch floor 1 person
A solid 40% off this drop stitched floor kayak.
It has zip on decks and Hex Shell covered inflatable side panels.
Kayak size  13’3″ (404cm) length x 37″ (94cm) width, Weight: 35 lbs. Payload: 300 lbs. (136 kg) 1 Person. Includes: Kayak, seat and storage bag. Warranty: 1-Year Limited. Optional cover available, not included.
Was: $829.99
Now: $499.50

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Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak
This 2 person inflatable kayak has a 41% reduction in price.
This versatile fishing kayak has a load of fittings suitable for rods and tackle, storage and cubbies.
Made to blend in with it’s camouflage colourway, you and your fishing buddies can potter about for hours on this in comfort.
If you’re looking for a fishing kayak you can see more of them here in our buyers guide to fishing kayaks
Was: $479.99
Now: $781.10

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