Pardo Yachts and Missoni: a partnership between luxury and haute couture

Pardo Yachts and Missoni team up to create a Pardo 50 yacht in the colours of haute couture

A collaboration that will leave its mark is the one between Pardo Yachts and Missoni, which have collaborated to create a Pardo 50 model completely customised with the colours and style of the eccentric Italian haute couture brand.

A completely Made in Italy duo, to tell the truth: the haute couture brand Missoni, in fact, was born in 1953 by a married couple who believed in the power of geometry, clean, minimalist lines and the vibrant power of colours, which, mixed together in a sort of patchwork, gave Italian knitwear a turning point from which it has never gone back. It was fashion and applied art together.

Very similar is the approach of Pardo Yachts: elegance, precision, study of space and luxury are the hallmarks of the brand that has been making its mark on the international boating market for over 50 years. Craftsmanship, combined with a sustainable approach and the ability to innovate, are at the basis of Pardo Yachts’ production, which makes owners from all over the world sail elegant and design boats while respecting the marine ecosystem. The extreme attention to detail, the choice of fine and ‘Made in Italy’ materials make Pardo yachts unquestionably pieces of art.

Here’s where the spark ignited: Cristina Pizzuto, interior designer of the latest Pardo 50 model, customized the latest ‘PEGASUS’ built, the 3.0, with exclusive Missoni fabrics and colours.

The two brands together combine perfectly in a symphony of lines, geometric shapes, design and liveliness. The typical eccentricity of the Missoni brand combines perfectly with the minimalist lines and design spaces of the Pardo 50, as Cristina herself says:

“Partnering with Missoni for this project was the request of a visionary customer in search of something unique and exclusive. The elegant, clean lines of Pardo are broken by the movement of the iconic, colourful Missoni pattern creating a perfectly balanced combination. Two Italian synonyms of excellence with different styles but perfectly compatible and synergistic”.

A timeless yacht linking precious, practical and aesthetically beautiful materials with the luxury of the Pardo 50 is now reaching its owner in Miami, USA.

The perfect match has been made: the excellence of international motor yachting combines with haute couture to make this Pardo 50 “PEGASUS” 3.0 the reflection of contemporary luxury.

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