Thermal Mass Fever Screening & Pandemic Control System

EXALTO EMIRATES presents this advanced control system

Thermal Mass Fever Screening
A high-sensitivity dual-thermal camera coupled with intelligent identification and tracking of feverish people. The built-in sophisticated algorithm identifies and captures images of subjects with fever and issues real-time audible alerts upon detection.

  • Scan 300 people per minute
  • Fever detection with alarm
  • No mask detection with alarm
  • Suitable for facial recognition
  • Captures and stores all alarm triggers
  • Save continues recording for security purposes
  • Stand-alone or integrates with 3rd party security software
  • Plug & play with simple and well-built software
  • Accurate up to 8 meters distance
  • 0.3 Degrees accuracy
  • CE Certified
How it Works? Set your own parameters in C° or F° and turn mask detection on or off.
The MAP IR3 scans high traffic areas to identify and track feverish subjects. Those individuals showing abnormal temperatures will send an alert to a centralized command center for further inspection. Through MAP IR3 facial recognition system, the organization can monitor the health and attendance of employees to mitigate safety and productivity risks to the whole community.

– Hotels
– Airports
– Schools
– Nurseries
– Hospitals
– Government Facilities
– Public Events
– Public Transportation
– Malls
– Office Buildings
– Stores
– High Traffic Buildings
– Retail
– Manufacturing
– Sporting Events & Concerts

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